Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I am sorry for the lack of pictures. I've been busy, but did snap some pictures for those days. My uncle is in the hospital, he just had back surgery so my aunt and I visited him today.

This first picture was taken Monday, January 4th. It is of my dog, Casey. I figured since I shared a picture of Oliver, it was only fair to show one of Casey. She is the sweetest dog you will meet, EVER!

This next picture was taken, yesterday, Tuesday, January 5th. My husband and I took the camera and rode around to the local docks to see if the water was frozen and this is down on Ann's Cove Road in my town about 5 minutes from me.

This last picture was taken today, Wednesday, January 6th. This is my son Brandon. He is four years old and is such a camera ham! LOL!